Dorval Trading Co., Ltd., is the exclusive U.S. importer for an extensive range of high quality confectionery products from major manufacturers in various countries, such as Holland, England, Switzerland, France, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. Since its establishment in 1966, Dorval Trading Co. Ltd., has grown to become a significant presence in the Confectionery and Specialty Foods distribution arena. Dorval focuses on developing brand names in the U.S. market through an experienced management, sales and marketing team. Dorval utilizes an extensive network of broker representatives and works with key distributors to gain distribution. Our memberships in multiple industry organizations and participation in major trade shows also allows us to penetrate the U.S. market.

Dorval Trading Co., Ltd. adds value through its commitment to excellence. Dorval seeks out partners focused on integrity and sound business ethics. Dorval concentrates on service and market knowledge to best serve its customers. Dorval constantly trains its sales, marketing and administrative staff in the latest technology and market information to ensure suppliers and customers are best served. Dorval exposes products to the most potential customers through a range of marketing and promotional opportunities.

Dorval was founded in 1966 by Jack and Florence Cappel when the couple began importing candy from South America. Jack had spent the previous 17 years working for food and candy importers on both coasts, learning the business.

The company’s first break came when a major retailer agreed to put the product in its more than 2,000 stores nationwide. With the security of this order, Dorval began to branch out into other brands, expanding the scope of their offerings.

The company is credited with launching the sour craze in the U.S. in 1985 with its introduction of the Sour Power® brand.

Dorval is a family-owned business with Roberta Cappel having taken over the management of the business from Jack Cappel in 1992. Dorval continues to update its operational support systems for efficient inventory management and sales forecasting.

The Dorval marketing and sales team is supported by a strong sales administration staff, experienced in purchasing, warehousing, freight handling and distribution systems. This experience facilitates a smooth administrative process, which includes competitive warehousing and freight contracts.

All Dorval product lines are handled on an exclusive basis and distributed nationally via a company and broker sales force. This specialized focus on each product line allows for the appropriate attention for building national distribution. The Dorval organization operates in many classes of trade, adapting their products and selling programs to meet the requirements of their customers.
Our Market penetration includes:

Grocery Stores
Drug Chains
Natural Food Store
Mass Merchandisers
Club Stores
Convenience Stores
Bulk Retail Stores
Department Stores
Specialty Distributors
Ethnic Distributors
Candy & Tobacco Distributors
Dollar Stores
Gift Packers
Alternate Channels

Conveniently located just slightly northwest of New York City, Dorval is situated near all major airports. Dorval uses public warehousing facilities on the east coast, and has arrangements with central, western, and southern warehouses for cross-dock and other freight distribution alternatives.

King Peppermints
Sour Power
Top Pops
Dorval Premium Collection