Sour Power®

Sour Power® has the taste that kids (and kids of all ages) love! Since 1985, Sour Power® has been offering a variety of shapes, packages, and mouth-watering flavor varieties that people can't seem to get enough of! Try our Sour Straws, Belts, and other great products in all your favorite flavors!

SOUR POWER® SOUR POPPING CANDY is the newest innovation from the minds at Sour Power®. The unique concept of combining their mouth-watering flavors with a popping candy didn’t just stop there. Sour Power® went ahead and created a blended pouch of SOUR popping candy, producing a combination of flavors such as Green Apple + Strawberry, Strawberry + Blue Raspberry and Sour Power Quattro®, a 4 color/4 flavor blended pouch.

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