Welcome to DorvalTrading.com where delectable candies and sumptuous confections from across the globe converge! 

At Dorval Trading Co., Ltd., we pride ourselves on being the premier American importer of an eclectic array of international confections. From nostalgic Sour Power® straws to our innovative Top Pops® Taffy Stixx, we’ve got products to satisfy every whim. No matter where you are in the U.S., trust us to bring you high-quality candies that don’t just satisfy—they enchant and captivate your taste buds! 

At Dorval, every bite is an adventure in flavor and a celebration of sweetness.

Sour Power® brings you the sweet and tart combination that kids and folks of all ages simply adore.

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TOP POPS® Taffy Pops and Taffy Stixx are fruity, chewy, and long-lasting taffy that you’ll love.


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Specialty Candies

Check out our top-selling specialty mints and creamy, coffee-flavored hard candies.

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Dorval Imports Quality Confections from Around the World

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