About Dorval Trading

Over 55 Years of Confectionary Excellence 

The Dorval Story

Dorval Trading has been importing the world’s most delicious candies since 1966. Initially led by Jack and Florence Cappel, their daughter Roberta became President of the company in 1992.

Dorval pioneered the sour segment in 1985, introducing Sour Power to America. The company continues to bring premium confections, including sour candies, gummies, taffy, hard candies, chewing gum, and chocolates, to the North American market via packaged and private label goods.

You can taste the difference in our products, which are made using the best ingredients and produced with sustainability in mind.

Dorval is agile and responsive, ensuring our business partners can stay focused on what’s important—getting the best candies into customers' hands.

Trade Shows

We participate in a number of trade shows throughout the year 
for you to see Dorval in action.

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