Sour Power®

SOUR POWER® has the taste that kids (of all ages) love.

The Original since 1985, Sour Power® offers a variety of shapes, packages, and 
mouth watering flavor varieties that people can't get enough of!

Sour Power® Count Goods

Sour Gummies unlike anything on the market

2.5 lb packages of Sour Belts

6.6 lbs of Sour Belt goodness

Sour Power®

Straw Packages

With 11 flavors, Sour Power® straw packages meet the taste requirements of all buyers, young and old.
The current layout, graphics, and overall appeal of the packaging modernizes the history of the brand which celebrates 40 years in 2025, and makes the entire range of Straw Packages a cohesive, eye-catching family.

Sour Power®

Belt Tubs

For those with an insatiable thirst for Sour Power®, our 2.5 lbs belt tubs will meet your need. 

*New* Sour Power®


Large Sour Gummies with the famous 
Sour Power® taste.

Sour Power®

Bulk Belts

6.6 lbs of Sour Power® goodness for your bulk or repacking uses.​

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